Support will be delayed for one week due some technical reasons.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Support Policy

We are providing support for our verified buyers only. We have dedicated developers to handle support requests.

Our support team works on 10AM to 6PM – Monday to Friday (excluding local holidays) – on GMT +5.30 Kerala. Support requests will get a response in 24 to 48 hours, but we are unable to ensure a specific response time due to massive load and complex nature of some queries.

Support requests sent via other mediums (including email) may not be monitored. If you send queries requesting theme refund / exchange, you may not get a response (contact Envato instead).

We provide support only when there are bugs and issues within original live preview of our theme. Our support is NOT applicable to the following queries:

  1. Free customization or code-modification requests
  2. Additional feature requests
  3. Requests to edit or debug your website
  4. Requests to fix the issues present only on your edited website (but not in our theme preview)
  5. Issues related to third party plugins and components
  6. Issues particular to any specific device or browser (for example, IE8 and below)

Please do not send such tickets – you may not get any response at all. Alternatively you may request for a quote on custom project via email to: [email protected]