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This support system is only for verified buyers of our WordPress themes only. Before your use this support system please READ DOCUMENTATION and refer to KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLES. If you post queries that are already covered in Documentation and Knowledge Base, you will be requested to refer them again.

Before you post any ticket, PLEASE READ the following:

  1. We are offering support to verified buyers only.
  2. This support system offers support applicable as per our Support Policy (also made public on themeforest), you have to read it before you use this support system. Any tickets with subjects that does not comply with our support policy, may NOT get a response.
  3. Our support staffs will be online under various Time Zones, and we are unable to ensure a specific turn around time for queries. But, we used to make a response within 24 to 48 hours and it may be delayed without notice depending on the heap of tickets and nature of queries.
  4. Create a single ticket for a single query. Do not chain many messages in a single tickets, such tickets may not get a response.
  5. Please try to be explanative on your tickets. Incomplete messages and improper subjects may not get a response.
  6. Please be polite on your messages. Abusive / improper / Spam / Threatening type of messages will be monitored and the users may be banned from this system without further notice.
  7. If you post any queries related to Sales / Refund / Exchange, you may not get any response. Instead, please contact Envato / Themeforest Support Team for such cases.
  8. By submitting a ticket, you are agreeing to the above Terms & Conditions

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